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87,000 psi HyperPressure™ Technology

HyperPressure TechnologyThe Most Advanced and Robust High Pressure System Available

87,000 psi vs. 60,000 psi:
  • Cuts up to twice as fast as 60,000 psi
  • Uses 30-50% less abrasive
  • Delivers 20-30% lower part cost
  • Reduces taper by up to 0.001"

HyperPressure — 87,000 psi — is a substantial 45% increase in pressure from traditional 60,000 psi ultrahigh-pressure systems. At 87,000 psi the waterjet velocity increases beyond Mach 3 — creating a faster, more powerful cutting tool for any material.

From stone to aluminum, steel and exotic composites, increases of up to twice as fast as traditional 60,000 psi waterjets are a result of accelerating the abrasive waterjet stream to the fastest, most powerful pressure available. Regardless of material or thickness, cutting speeds increase with higher pressure.


  • PASER Mach4 Cutting HeadFlow’s 87,000 psi HyperPressure technology system isn’t only a pump — it is a complete system designed to increase cutting power and speed while reducing operating cost. Every component that delivers the most powerful waterjet performance is part of the integrated HyperPressure system.
  • Advanced PASER® Mach4™ cutting head system with higher cutting vacuum designed specifically for 87,000 psi performance.
  • Quick acting on/off valve for faster cycle times and rugged construction.
  • Proprietary high pressure plumbing materials and design from the pump to the cutting head to maximize cutting performance.
  • Enhanced computer cutting models created exclusively for HyperPressure cutting efficiencies.
  • Reduced noise from pump to cutting jet.
  • Exclusive tools developed by Flow to ensure easy, consistent and reliable maintenance at higher pressures.



The A-Series System Solution—For Special Applications

A-Series tables are FLOW’s custom cutting solutions, renowned for their durability. They are highly accurate flat stock cutting systems available in a wide variety of size configurations. Also available are numerous ancillary equipment options such as routers, plasma cutting heads, rotary platforms and material handling systems.

Standard cutting tables   Base: 4 ft - 20 ft; Bridge: 4 ft - 12 ft; custom also available
Accuracy   ± 0.003 inches
Repeatability   ± 0.001 inches
Traverse speed   1,200 ipm
Contouring speed   600 ipm
Control system   FlowMaster® or special
Z-axis adjustability   10 inches
Cutting pressure   60,000 psi



The A-Series System 48" x 96" 55k psi

A-Series tables are FLOW’s custom cutting solutions, renowned for their durability. It is a highly accurate flat stock cutting system.

Cutting table  
Base: 4 ft.  Bridge: 8 ft. 



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